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CDL College Truck Driving School

Follow these steps to obtain your CDL:

1. Study for your CDL Permit- Your first step is acquiring a permit. Our FREE CDL COURSES have everything you need to prepare for the written test.

After studying, Test for your CDL Permit at the nearest DMV.

2. D.O.T. Medical Card- You can learn more about the requirements for a D.O.T. Medical Card here. Essentially, you take a physical and have doctor fill out a form. You need to prove that you're physically fit to drive a commercial motor vehicle. See the link above for more about that.

3. Truck Driving School- Find a Truck Driving School near your home. We happen to operate truck driving school. Check us out if you live in Colorado.

The name of our school is CDL College. There are plenty of good schools out there. They'll teach you how to drive a tractor trailer.

A trucking school will teach you:

  • How to drive a big truck.
  • Perform Backing Maneuvers
  • Conduct Pre-Trip Inspections.

3. Pass the CDL Skills Test- The CDL Skills Test is a fancy term for a driving test. Your truck driving school, dad, brother, friend or employer should teach you everything that you need. Let's go over the basics of the CDL Test.

  • Conduct a Pre-Trip Inspection.
  • Perform Backing Maneuvers
  • Drive a big truck.
Your examiner will enter a grade as you complete your maneuvers. He'll count up your scores and you'll have a CDL if you pass the test.

We happen to be certified CDL examiners in Colorado. Give us a call if you live here.

3. Find a Truck Driving Job- Your truck driving school probably has a connection or two. They will direct you to an Over the Road Trucking Company.

But, there are plenty of trucking jobs available to drivers with little experience requirements.

4. Make Trucking Companies Find YOU

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Drivers link at upper left.
  3. Create your FREE Driver Profile, it takes 2 minutes.

Note: Gary’s Job Board DOES NOT share your personal info, ever. *of course we do. How else would a trucking company review your qualifications and invite you to apply for jobs? We explain our policy in plain language here.

Get ready to take your free, online courses. The complete CDL Written Test Prep courses. The same courses that we use at our truck driving school: CDL College.


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