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The Top Aftermarket Truck Seats

Our last post focused on how the interior of one's rig can make the trucking experience more comfortable, efficient and pleasurable to do. This one delves into a very important part of the driving experience: the best driver's seats, specifically aftermarket. With the incredible amounts of time that truckers spend on the road, a seat that offers good support, comfort and safety are of the utmost importance.

After browsing some of the top truck forums on the web, here is our list of top seat manufacturers: Recaro, Superior Seats, Bostrom, Sears, Isringhausen, and Industrial Seats.

Here are some top selections from each manufacturer above:

Recaro C 7000

Superior Seats Luxor

Bostrom Wide Ride II + Serta

Sears Atlas

Isringhausen Freightliner Cascadia

Industrial Seats Sportster Air Ride