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About Us: The Gary's Job Board Story

Gary's Job Board continues adding great jobs!

My guess is that Trucking Companies and CDL Drivers are tired of sifting through so much noise.

How many ads are there for truck drivers? How do you sift out the crap. I think our success comes from knowing the trucking industry better than any of our competitors. 

We speak the language of the Company and the Driver (remember the old joke, How can you tell when a dispatcher’s lying?…”)
Kidding aside, we do understand the Driver and the Dispatcher.
Do we have competition in the Job Board arena? Damn right. Do we care? Nope.
We don't see the big internet recruiting sites as competition because they’re not truckers. We're the truckers.

Hey! That's right, we're looking at YOU! Good luck figuring out what we know about the trucking industry.

Does the president of have fifth-wheel grease on HIS pants? Not a chance. But I do. 

“I’m Eric Haney, and I’ve had fifth-wheel grease on my pants every day for 30 years”.

My family has worked in the Trucking Industry for 85 years. My grandfather started during Prohibition.

My father owned an LTL trucking company (if you're from Denver, you might remember Colorado Denver Delivery). 
I branched out and created a truck driving school in 2001,
I’m very proud of the college.
I’ve driven, dispatched, and worked on docks. I like hanging out with—and working with—drivers. But, I really like helping drivers. 

Drivers are the reason I started CDL College and Gary’s Job Board. 

Here's how works: (this is NOT a run-of-the-mill trucker job board. No one will call you, you have all the power).
• Complete your Driver Profile, it takes 2 minutes.
• Companies will see your first name, type of CDL, and experience level.
• They will not see your email address.
• You will receive a company invite by email.
• The email will come from our system.

Check out what they are offering.
Answer the email or not.
You'll receive another invite down the road.
You WILL find the perfect CDL job. 

You will actively receive high-quality trucker jobs in your email.
Check your email at the end of every day. 
We're unlike all of those other truck driver recruitment sites.
We don't recruit for ANY carriers! Your phone will not ring all day long...but your email might become stuffed with job offers.
Our site is different for Drivers because we are Drivers. 

• Want to stay LOCAL? We have those jobs. How many truck driver recruitment sites can say that? Not many.
• Don’t mind being Over-the-Road and earning some money? We have those jobs, too.
• Does the current Oil & Gas Boom intrigue you? Do those Drivers really earn $100,000/year? Maybe. Check for Oil & Gas jobs.

I created Gary's Job Board to help Truck Drivers find Driving Jobs, and to help Dispatchers find Drivers. 

More about CDL College:
The college trains new drivers and makes experienced drivers safer.
I also have a driver staffing division and a small trucking company.
Additionally, I’ve created a software platform to assist Trucking Companies with organizing and documenting driver personnel files for compliance.The platform also provides Online Training for Drivers, and Training Documentation for the Carrier.