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The Best Shoes for Long-Haul Trucking

Another interesting discussion out of the Reddit field this week involved the top shoes for serious truckers. The only restriction was that "the shoe didn't succumb to wear and tear so quickly/easily, but isn't too heavy." Here at the job board, we'll go through some of the shoes that Reddit users listed and do some basic pro/con discussion.

1. Red Wing Irish Setter: These shoes are comfortable, warm, but not hot. They've got some weight to them but should not be considered heavy. The color and sole design is "cool" too. After a year of use, the shoes were reported to still be comfortable however the sole had become completely flat. Since the cost is usually close to $150, more than a year of use was expected by purchasers before unusable wear occurred. Others said that it takes a while to break the shoe in; some reported that they leak.

2. Dr. Martens Men's Icon Industrial Strength Boot: Reported to last several years with little weathering. Nothing negative to report after some abuse; no sole separation, no premature wear. The styling was also reported to be good as was the comfort. On the negative side, some reported that the stitching was faulty. The height of the boot also let to some shin discomfort.

3. Driving Barefoot: As one Reddit user put it, "Its comfortable and I've never had my feet wear out. When I get out of the truck, I have boots and shoes to put on. It does mean that you have to keep your floor super clean because little rocks and dirt are not awesome under your feet!"

"I have a piece of carpet that I put down to keep my feet off any dirt."

Other options: Nike ACG Boots, Rocky Boots, Vans slip-on, Carhartt Composite Shoes, Chacos

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