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How Gary's Job Board Works-For Drivers

This post is a continuation in our how-it-works series

Goal: Get a better CDL job, without wasting hours hunting online
and sending applications that never get a reply.
How to get a better job:
1. Intro/What you’ll learn
2. Defining what you want
3. Where to look for them
4. How to write great applications
5. Why you should sign up for Gary’s Job Board instead.
How to
find a better trucking job.
Stop me if this sounds familiar: you work too hard
You know there are big opportunities out there for truckers
- between the certifications, the long hours, and the time away from home, it’s
one of the only industries that has more jobs than it can fill.
And with the economy improving and the boom in North Dakota,
the market for reliable drivers is only getting better.
But finding a new job can be a hassle - especially with the
kind of schedules we keep - and it’s hard to know where to start.
That’s why we put together this free course to help you
figure out the best way to land a new trucking job, without burning up all your
time off:
Over the next few posts, you’ll learn:


How to look for the best jobs, without wasting a ton of


How to tell if it’s the kind of company that respects
their drivers


How to fill out applications that actually get replies,
instead of disappearing


And how to cut out a bunch of that hard work so that
the jobs come to you

We’ll also introduce you to our job board, of course, and
how it can make the process of finding a great new trucking job a little bit

Please visit our next post in this series.

- Gary