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Police Utilize Big Rig to Spot Distracted Drivers

So you're driving along in the left lane of an interstate and the dreaded "approach of a slow person in the fast lane" is occurring. You quickly jerk the car into the right lane and make a pass -- but catch a glimpse of the driver on your left. On their phone. Classic. Nothing you can do but shake your head.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) have a new method to prevent events like this from happening: especially the phone part.

Recently, the THP launched a new campaign to identify and cite drivers texting and driving. They're
using the THP tractor trailer truck to get a higher, better look at
what drivers are doing inside their vehicles.

"Improper lane changes, no seat belt, but the main focus is texting
and driving," explained THP Sgt. Randall Martin. The truck is clearly
marked with the THP logo.

"It's a patrol vehicle, it's in service.
It's got its marking [and] lights, like our cars," said Sgt. Randall
Martin. "But in this case we have two troopers -- one driving, one
observing. People don't see this vehicle going down the road. It's one of the
largest vehicles out on the road but they don't see it because they're

The officer in the rig "spies" on unsuspecting drivers and alerts nearby troopers to make the stop.

According to Sgt. Martin, the goal is "not only to enforce violations, but also to educate. It's not as easy
as just writing a citation sometimes. People can take their citation and
go on, but they have to learn something from that experience."

Gary's Job Board brings it full circle and has the r/Trucking community reaction:

"Love this, I see so many people texting and driving while I slow roll
down the highway. Wish there was a way they could catch more of them.
This is a good start."

"Although I'm not the biggest fan of law enforcement, I do think this is the best law enforcement vehicle in existence."

maybe this will catch many of the truckers I see doing the same thing.
Rolling down the road with a phone plastered to their ear."