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Reddit: Tell Us Your Best/Worst Experience at a Load/Drop Point

Sometimes, Gary's Job Board heads to r/Trucking to obtain a pulse of the trucking industry at a given time. We stumbled upon an interesting conversation that truckers were having about their best and worst experiences at a load or drop off point and wanted to share with you some of the top responses.&nbsp
To read all of the comments for yourself, head to Reddit

"Never really had a worst stop but my best was definitely when I picked up
paint somewhere in Ohio and the security guard was doing family guy
impressions through the intercom. He was so dead on with them I seriously thought it was Seth filming
for some prank show. He was arguing with himself as Peter and Joe as to
which dock I should go to and stuff like that. Hadn't laughed that
hard on the job in a while.
"The worst for me was in Jersey City. The guy yelled at me because I
mentioned the word "detention" after he told me it would be a few hours
because they ran out of propane for the forklifts. He just flipped out
and started swearing and talking about how he made millions of dollars
not doing that and it was bad karma. Other divers had cost him thousands
by showing up late and on and on he went.

"Best would be my current gig. Dedicated lane with drop and hook on both
ends. If I'm not eating or sleeping, I'm driving the truck. Long runs,
home on weekends and sometimes one night through the week because of the
way the lane plays out.

"Worst pickup was at United Salt in Carlsbad, NM. Bastards took fourteen hours to load six flatbeds. It was like they dropped the bags anon the deck and were counting individual grains. The best? United Salt outta Carlsbad, NM. Fourteen hours of detention. Mmmmmmm."

"I had the Walmart DC in New Caney, TX take 8 hours to take 3 pallets of my truck. Longest time in a dock was in Murfreesboro, TN. There was a warehouse
there that took 9.5 hours to get me loaded. They got pissy with me when
I told them I would have to sign there for another half hour so my
clock would reset.

was the Budweiser plant in Houston. 100+ degrees, always smells like
sewage, had to move a trailer dropped in front of mine, only one scale
open, had to be reloaded twice. Took me at least 8 hours. It was a short
run to Baton Rouge... Best: any place that gets me in and out quickly.