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The secret to filling out truck driver applications

Do you know the biggest mistake most truck drivers make when
they’re applying for new jobs?
Going on and on about themselves.
“Now, hang on a sec…” you might be thinking, “I have to tell
them about myself for them to hire me!”
That’s true, but how you tell the company about yourself
is what makes all the difference.
Too many job applications end up looking like a glorified
work history: “I was here, then I was there, and now I’d like to work for
The truth is that an application is a marketing opportunity
for you to sell your labor to a company, and you’re competing against all
the other drivers out there who've applied for that job.
So the application shouldn't just be about who you are and what
you've done, but how you’re going to help them and why you’re a better choice
than other guys
in the stack of applications on their desk.
We've got a simple three-step formula to help you
stand out from the crowd.
Whenever you’re answering a question, think about it like
1. The first part of your answer (or your cover letter)
should be about you - typically that will involve your experience or
2. The second part should be about your skills and your
strengths in regards to driving or whatever the question is asking.
3. Finally, try to drive
home how your strengths will help the company (this is paramount). For instance, instead of saying
“I’m licensed for Class A and Class B vehicles,” you might say “I’m experienced
with both Class A and Class B vehicles, so I can add flexibility to your team.”
It takes a bit of practice to get really good at
explaining your value and, hopefully, you’ll have a new job before long.
But in general, if you keep in mind what the company wants
from drivers, and not just what you've done in the past, you’ll be more successful. 
Of course, everyone gets sick of filling out job
applications, and it’s no fun sitting around wondering if they’re going to get
back to you–or if they even saw it at all.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could just focus on doing a good
job and have great companies spend their time and energy trying to hire you?
If that sounds like a dream, you’d better pinch yourself,
because that’s exactly why we designed Gary’s Job Board, and we’re going to teach
you how to make it happen in our next email.
If you haven't done so already, complete your Driver Profile to allow companies to search for you. 
- Gary