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Newbie truck driving jobs do not follow the path most expect. 

truck_driving_jobs_for_inexperienced_driversTruck Driving Schools love to pitch OTR jobs. These companies have systems to mass hire drivers. An OTR job is the easiest way for a newbie to find a job.

But, that doesn't mean OTR is the only way into the trucking industry.

You can still drive a truck for living: even if your life doesn't allow you to go long haul (OTR). Local jobs for newbies exist. But, local companies do not have a systems to mass hire drivers, like the big OTR companies.

A newbie needs to understand how the transportation industry works.

Look at the jobs that require experience (any amount of experience). The majority of jobs that require experience are For-Hire Motor Carriers. They carry other people's goods for money. Look at the (non-OTR) jobs that do not require experience. Most of those jobs are Private Carriers. Private carriers haul their own goods.

Trucking companies have to carry insurance.

There are two types. 
  • Every trucking company needs to carry auto liability insurance (you carry the same for your car), in the event of an accident . 
  • For-Hire Carriers must also carry a second type of insurance - cargo.

Carriers that haul other people's goods (For-Hire) must have insurance to protect those goods. Carriers with auto liability insurance do not have the same driver experience requirements as carriers with cargo insurance.

Don't ask me why. I carry $1M in auto liability. No questions asked by the insurance carrier.
I carry $100K in cargo insurance. I must provide proof of my driver's experience with every new quote. It doesn't make sense, but it's true.

Some companies do not fit the mold.

They're either monster-huge and self-insure, or they're so small that they don't care. The point being: jobs (other than OTR) exist for newbies. Spend your time looking at companies that haul their own stuff (Coca-Cola, Budweiser, trash companies, etc.) They'll hire you.

This link goes directly to truck driving jobs that do not require experience.

Keep looking. You'll find a use for that CDL.